(Jennings pictured far right, leaning on 1st place trophy at TPTA Annual Conference)

When Marcus Jennings steps in the door at Net Trans, his love for his job is evident. He greets everyone with a booming smile and kind words, infecting those around him with the same positive energy. Why all the happiness? It could be contributed to his numerous winnings in local and state competitions- bringing home 2nd place in the local Roadeo in Johnson City and 1st place in the State Roadeo that was located in Memphis, TN. But, it could also be because he simply loves his job.

Jennings has been driving for Net Trans for two years, but his journey as a driver began long before that. He started back in ’96, driving for furniture stores and tire companies. It is “just something [he] loves doing.” Being able to see new places and help new people keeps the job interesting.

Since he placed 1st in the State Roadeo competition, Jennings will travel to Detroit, Michigan to compete in the National Community Transit Roadeo beginning Saturday, June 10th. This event is a gathering of transit drivers from all across the country to test their skills on multiple courses. Drivers are not only recognized for their scoring, but for the importance of their roles on the job and in the community https://apotekerendk.com/cialis-danmark/.

Jennings credits his passion and determination for his success in competitions:
“I get competitive!”Jennings states he has been competing for years, so it comes naturally to him. When asked for any advice he would give to others drivers, he simply states, ” have fun and have your heart in it.”

Although this man has had plenty of driving jobs and has been a member of the workforce since age 17, this is by far his favorite job. “This is the #1 job I have EVER had. It really is. I’ve always told them they’re gonna have to get rid of me ’cause I’m not leaving!”

With a heart like his, it’s easy to see why people love Marcus Jennings.
From all of us at Net Trans, Good Luck at the 2017 CTAA National Roadeo!