1…2…3 million miles.

Net Trans provides public transportation for rural areas of 8 Upper East TN counties, with travel exceeding 3 million miles each year. With so much time and energy spent on the road, we wanted to be sure we were doing everything possible to ensure your safety, both on your trip and in the community.

Deciding to implement an eco-friendly fuel program simply made sense. Net Trans converted 6 vehicles to a bi-fuel (gasoline/propane) system in a pilot program that began March 2016. Partnering with Alliance Autogas, the program was able to have fuel stations installed, vehicles converted, and maintenance technicians trained on the new implementations.

With the cost of propane averaging about $1 less per gallon than gasoline, the program has already experienced significant savings on operational costs. Net Trans expects an overall net savings of $9,000 per vehicle over its useful life.

Due to the success of the pilot program, the project will be expanded to 15 additional Ford Transit T150’s in Greene and Sullivan counties this spring.

For more information of the Alternative Clean Fuels Project, contact Candace Gump at cgump@fthra.org and for more information on other clean fuel programs in TN click on the link below