Through the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), there is a program to aid in the encouragement of improving the use of energy.  Tennessee Sustainable Transportation  is a program to support efforts made by entities that take action to lesson their environmental footprint through innovation, alteration in transportation behavior, and improvements to public health and safety.  Awards are given out annually to acknowledge qualifying entities for their endeavors. This year the awards and forum, hosted by TDEC, TDOT, and TN Clean Fuels, took place in Nashville, TN on May 23-24. The forum, designated “Navigating Toward a Livable Tennessee”, focused on improvement of local transportation and “place-based policies and investments for transportation options in our communities.” (

Net Trans traveled to Nashville to participate in the showcase of transit fleets that have implemented such environmentally friendly alterations. Alternative fuel vehicles are gaining recognition through the Tennessee Green Fleet, which is a certification program  in which any TN based fleet can be recognized for its efforts in lessening the use of petroleum, improving air quality, and expanding the use of alternative fuels or newly developed vehicle technologies. Net Trans is not a member of TN Green Fleets yet; however, it is striving to make efforts and hopes to be a member in the near future.

To learn more about Tennessee’s efforts to improve air quality and energy use in transit vehicles, check out the links below!