Below is our Net Trans General Public Ticket Policy:

·         Tickets may be purchased Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays.

·         Tickets may be ordered via phone, mail or in person at our office at 704 Rolling Hills Drive, Johnson City, TN  Tickets do not have to be ordered in advance, but it may reduce waiting time if the order can be prepared in advance. 

·         Tickets may be purchased in any dollar amount and there is no minimum purchase required.

·         Tickets never expire but are non-refundable.

·         Payment may be made via cash, check or credit card.  If payment is made by check or cash, tickets may be picked up immediately.  Cash purchases are to be made with correct change only. Credit card payments have a 24 hour waiting period for processing before tickets can be picked up or mailed.