Cellllll-lebrate Safe-tyyy, come on!

Here at Net Trans, safety is our #1 goal. We take pride in our outstanding drivers who go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our clients.

Each year, we host a Safety Celebration to enhance our drivers’ knowledge of the rules of the road. We want them to be on top of their game and prepared for every situation they may encounter on their journey. This event also serves as the kick off to our upcoming Roadeo. Drivers compete from Safety Celebration day until the day of the Roadeo itself. The team with the most points at the end wins the ultimate prize!

At this year’s celebration, we were sure to put the FUN in fundamentals! Cotton candy, popcorn, and games galore filled the Net Trans location to bring a promise of an exciting day of learning to drivers. Directors and staff led each activity with enthusiasm and eagerness for the competitors.

Drivers began by selecting teams in which they would compete. Each team started off by taking a written exam to test their knowledge. The team to score the highest accumulated points. This was followed by Spin the Wheel- a game designed to quiz drivers individually on their knowledge of multiple subjects. Drivers earned points for their teams for each correct answer.

With competition in the air, the game is on here in Net Trans! Some say “let the best man win”, but here, we know all our drivers are already winners.