go to link Have you ever seen Pixar’s Cars? Picture Lightening McQueen preparing for a race and thinking “Speed, I am Speed.” Nothing mattered to him expect being the best and winning races. It wasn’t until an unfortunate situation, suspending his ability to race, that McQueen  finally slowed down to invest in those around him.

http://azteenmagazine.com/tag/rye-whisky/ Every time we load up in one of our vans here at Net Trans, we think about you. Our community. We think about what we can do better to ensure the overall well-being of our clients and those affected by our program. What matters even more, is we are not the only program that cares.

http://ezeta.com.ar/index.php?option=com_k2 The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) has the same mind set. Established by the Propane Education and Research Act of 1996, PERC is a “check-off program established, operated, and funded by the propane industry” (www.propanecouncil.org).  Their goals are to educate users of the uses and benefits of propane, while also encouraging safety and training for retailers and consumers. Additionally, this council helps to stimulate technological development to increase the utilization of propane.

Propane is recognized for its ability to provide reliable, affordable energy while also being a practical means to sustain cleaner air. According to Propane: Clean American Energy, the United States is the leading producer of propane and see it as a useful alternative to conventional fuel sources (www.propane.com).

Net Trans began utilizing a bi-fuel pilot program, which consists of gasoline and propane, in March 2016. Not only was this implementation better for the environment, but the long term effects will bring in a net savings of $9,000 per vehicle over its useful life. The success of the pilot program led to an expansion from 6 vehicles to 21 total vehicles. As an effective utilizer of propane and a member of fleet transit, Net Trans was awarded the 7th Annual Propane Autogas Fleet Award by PERC which will be presented at BusCon in Indianapolis, Indiana, in September.

For McQueen, it was all about winning, until winning was no longer an option. For Net Trans, we are proud to serve our clients and community, working hard to keep them first. Being recognized for our efforts is a graciously accepted perk, but not our main focus. The road is apart of our lives, and we’re keeping it clean. (Maybe we should be called Transit McClean?!)